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Rise with Black Lives

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I’m trying to rise

Head on pillow

Pillow of problems

Pillow and head working to solve them

I’m trying to rise

Sun in sky says while he fights

Because even up above

God is struggling to see the light

I try to realize

The prejudice of the uptight

Is the burden within

An abundance of rights

I hate when I find

That ignorance is bliss

Between the lips

Of a cold white kiss

Our fists slow the stride

Of knees that collide

On skin, neck, and field

We must shatter their shield

Bring new understanding

We have to demand it

The orange tint has damned it

Terrified the next four won’t fit

I’m scared that I’m sinking

I don’t know your pain

I don’t slow atop concrete

Questioning my fate

I’m scared that we’re falling

And all we feel is numb

We’re falling so fast

We can’t even run

From hatred of everything and everyone.

Heal my shame

Heal the hate

It’s okay to cry

To mend the heartache

Pray for the lives

That can only return

Through the words

Of the angry, the tortured, the determined

We’re trying to rise

With the voice of Black Lives

But it takes time to fix

Centuries of crime

I’m trying to rise

Please accept my apology

I love you for you

Regardless of color and history

God sees all;

We all see your beauty.

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