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A Marriage Story?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I don’t remember happy

I remember compliance

And sharing out of necessity

I don’t remember happy

A blossom in full bloom

The majority does not appreciate

Petals falling to the ground

Were like cries for help

to separate

Make everything change

But keep the youth

The same

They wanted to be open

About reality

To keep the youth


It was split

Between day and night

There you went

Allowing me to

Only see one’s light

In the dark

I would pay

I would pray

I always thought there would be fixing

Suitcases into strange spaces

Begged that myth false

I always thought there would be ‘sorries’

But pride rumored that all

Alone in places

Where love once grew

Alone under bedsheets

Where presence once knew

To care

I don’t remember happy

I remember dread

Sending messages

A slowing thread

To stay in contact

That should not have been

So dead

I don’t remember


My heart is still heavy

And I wonder

If theirs ever weighs

How could you break

Someone’s heart

And expect it

To be okay?

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