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At Last High Five

Show me once more how it feels to fly

Show me you fail at pretending to try

You watch my fickle face as your lies come alive

I watch my heart in your hand as it at last high fives

Playing black and white chess games while sitting in gray

Playing colorful mind games while you say we’ll be okay

Falling down while we’re falling apart

Falling down while you’re making your mark

On every cloud overhead in the sky

In every raindrop dropping as angels cry

On every thought in my atmosphere

In every patient love as lust disappears

Feeling drained, loss of you as mine

Feeling lost in the loss of wasting my time

Feeling drained, loss of rhymes

Not always a right sound for every line

Take it further, farther away

To your heart’s ATM where I’m out of love to pay

Off the suffocating debt I still owe you

For expecting too much from someone untrue

All hellos must end with goodbyes

All good mornings must end with good nights

At first handshakes lead to at last high fives

Until our hourglass flips and runs out of time

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