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2021 Inauguration Poem

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

In my poetry writing class today, after analyzing Amanda Gorman's beautiful poem from a couple days ago, our teacher assigned us to write our own 2021 inauguration poem. We were given 15 minutes; here's what I came up with.

In the morning our country continues to stand

Come the evening, we its people may lose hope again

Each day brings fear of what's to bear next

Each day we Americans strive for the best

In how we respond to glorification

Of a nation

That's broken and battered and patient

For change.

Our pain has been felt and never strayed

These past four years

We've called out to each other

We've asked our mothers

Why fists never leave the air

We've asked each other

To take a hard stance,

A hard glance in the mirror

and care

For those oppressed and stuck in a haze

For those who couldn't hold their brother's hand

On his last disease-ridden day

We pray

For the change

These next four years will bring

And strive we will

To fight for beauty in this battered country

The blessed U. S. of A.

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