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poem for j

He tells me he sees a future with me.

I hold the world in my arms

and the stars at my feet;

he’s hungry for more,

waiting for another taste of me—

something to run his hands through,

something to hold while the sun sleeps.

All this time I’ve been chasing the moon,

going out at night

waiting for the stars to fall at my feet.

Not expecting him to come with the day—

rays of light shining

out of his cracked interior—

pure sunshine radiating to mirror mine,

a towel soaking up my tears

only to squeeze out lemonade.

I imagined love to be screams and fear,

the ‘getting with’ turning into ‘getting over’

and not knowing how.

But love looks a lot more like you.

It looks like brushing our teeth,

and cooking pasta,

and waking up next to joy,

smiling at the mundane.

You tell me you see a future with me,

and I cry.

Because you’ve turned my tears into lemonade—

because the future has so much more light

next to you.

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