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A Pot for One Made by Two

There is alarm in her eyes

As pink and red fly

Away post being

Brought to their demise

Add berries to the pot

Make it all turn blue

Add time spent apart

Lessen what you knew

You’re in trouble now

You’ve let it go to your head

He won’t eat what and

When he is fed

Still add the berries

Turn it all blue

Otherwise you’ll be left

Choking on red stew

If you stop making sense

And start making time

Add more pink

A bubbly light wine

Take turns stirring

Don’t taste too quick

Too many assumptions

Come with too fast a lick

Let it simmer

See how the berries blend

In with pink wine

Give it up to ten

An itch comes with the wait

Hurt may be the fate

Yet you will know

How the flavors equate

If the mixture stays blue

Better there was an end

If the berries are too few

Better to choke on pink and red

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