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sharing soap

Here's a collaborative sestina my creative writing class wrote with me. I started and finished it with a few lines and edited their work in the middle :)

A sestina is a very specific poetry form in which each verse has to end in the same 6 words, rotated in an order you have no control of. I wrote the first three lines, passed it around a circle for each person to add 3 more, then completed it with my last 6. It turned into a beautiful narrative!!!

sharing soap

My heart splits with a spark

as I see you’re one hour late.

I sit alone with coffee as the color

drains my face. The warm kiss

of peppermint washes me out like soap,

and it’s not the heat that burns.

Those first years, your eyes would burn

holes into my body; that drug, that spark

entombed with the lost moments of soap

operas watched late

at night, remembering our first kiss

and how the world was a new color.

But we never saw color

the same way. Blue fire burned

red to you, the same way our kisses

burned like our initial spark.

It was never too late

to cleanse ourselves with soap.

It’s the rose scented soap

that brings forth the brightest color

when it’s late.

Lye alone burns,

but with oil it sparkles,

hotter than a kiss.

And what better way to kiss

hello after years of sharing soap,

and groceries, than with the spark

that only a scrabble of colors

from a Crayola box can ignite and burn,

slowly and steadily, late

into the evening. Lights ignite the porch as you come home late—

the last kiss

before time starts to burn,

our love beginning to soap.

We wash our hands of dirty color,

again blank slates searching for a spark.

I bathe late at night, soap

kissing my skin like you used to, the color

of your red lips burned into my mind with a spark.

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