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SOMETIMES I wonder if

I wonder if anyone will ever really

I wonder when I will stop feeling _______

I wonder when tthis fucknig keyboard will stop makiinig me have fuckiing typos

I wonder how my music makes you feel

I am _______

But I don’t want to be

I’ve felt like this for a while

Suppressed it into songs

I want to feel love

I can’t stand to hear your love songs

I wish we were still close

But I’m scared of getting close again and not feeling the same

We accept the love we think we deserve.

And in a car of friends I love the most

Blaring the music we love

I feel _______

I feel bad for numbing my thoughts

They should be felt

I don’t know if it will always be this way

If love can really fix it

Learn to love yourself first

How can you just not respond

I wish you didn’t try to kiss me

I wihs tthis woulld autocorrect

I wish someone would read this

And I wouldn’t have to shove it down their throat

How much of it was fake

I let art affect me too much

I let feelings affect me too much

I let calories affect me too much

And I can’t stop

I have learned

To love the feeling of being _______

Making progress

Someone will notice

I wish I didn’t push you away

Nothing will ever be the same again now

I wish I was just a character in a movie

I hope once we wrap the film I won't feel the same playing another role

I wish I paid less attention

To you, maybe

But I don’t want to

I hate that I can relate to love songs

Or songs about you _______

Or songs about us breaking it off

I wish my problems weren’t so common

I wish there was a point of feeling this way.


Maybe I’m wrong

And you don’t stay up until 4:30 anymore

Because you want to keep thinking

Look in the mirror while saying your name.

You will feel even weirder.

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